Writers / Artists: John Romita Sr

Cartoon Loonacy #066


Some of the contents include: a Martin Greim-organized jam page by Infantino, Anderson, Buniak, Wrightson, Miller, Palmer, Ditko, Kida and Romita; a two-page Beatles-themed "solo jam" by Erling

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Jim Woodring's Manhog, Splash Brannigan, Thunderbunny, Adam Strange, Swamp Thing, Dr. Mid-Nite, Daredevil, Blue Beetle, Airboy, Emo Philips, William Shatner/Captain Kirk, DeForest Kelley/Bones, Nichelle Nichols/Lt. Uhura, Jay Leno, Jackie Chan, Eminem, Mike Tyson, John Fahey, Daria, They Might Be Giants, Brad Pitt, Prince Charles

Fewer than 50 copies usually printed (probably more like 25).

Centrail Mailer for this issue: Mark Campos