Writers / Artists: Barry Crain

Cartoon Loonacy #045


Some of this issue's contents: five pages of Kazaleh material originally done for the Ren & Stimpy comic but never published; a nine-page jam comic by Hilary Barta, Scott Beaderstadt, Howard Bender, Brian Buniak, Daryll Collins, Barry Crain, George Erling, Pete Fitzgerald, Greg Gill, Mike Kazaleh, Brian Thomas and Bill Wray; a one-page jam drawing by Brad Foster, David Tosh, Wayne Truman, Craig Miller and Ben Dunn.

Characters appearing in art and comics include: Ren & Stimpy, Tor Johnson, Godzilla, Beetle Bailey's Sarge, Ted Danson, O.J. Simpson, Davy Crockett, Dudley Do-Right, Frankenstein, the Seven Dwarfs, Andy Capp, Dick Tracy and Santa Claus.

This issue also included a two-color Christmas card by Daryll Collins and a Max Traffic flyer insert.