Writers / Artists: Rob Liefeld

Dallas Fantasy Fair August 1995 program


Contents include:

• profiles of guests Chris Ware, Sergio Aragones, Jim Steranko, Rob Liefeld, David Mack, Terry Moore, Martin Nodell, Shannon Wheeler, Jim Woodring, William Stout, Susie Owens, Julius Schwartz, Jeff Smith, scream queen Brinke Stevens and others

• three pages about the con's exhibit of rare, unpublished Jack Kirby artwork (article written by John Morrow of The Jack Kirby Collector, who I believe coordinated the exhibit)

• photos from past Fantasy Fairs of Al Williamson, Jim Woodring, James O'Barr, Kurt Busiek, Alex Ross, Rob Liefeld, Susie Owens (Flaxen), Butch Patrick (Munsters) and others

She #1

Writers / Artists,