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Writers / Artists: JB Bonivert

Flying Colors 10th Anniversary Special

Category:Related Items

Full-size comic celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Flying Colors comic shop in California. Contents include comics and art by Daniel Brereton (cover), J.B. Bonivert, Andi Watson, Ken Hooper, Carlos Saldana, John Romita, Jeff Nicholson, Jon "Bean" Hastings, Jeff Johnson and Jim Lee.

Characters making cameos include Godzilla, Dave Sim's Cerebus, one of Larry Marder's Beanworld beans, Hellboy, Jimmy Corrigan, Concrete, Milk & Cheese, Pogo, Rorschach, Sergio Aragones' Groo the Wanderer, Fat Freddy, Bart Simpson, the Tick, the Spirit, Gwen Stacy and others.

There are also photos (from store appearances) of Stan Lee, Dick Ayers, James Hudnall, Dan Brereton, J.H. Williams, Mick Gray, Erik Larsen, Grant Morrison, Dave McKean, Jim Lee, Terry Austin, John Romita and others.

Roughly 6½ × 10¼", 32 pages.

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