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Writers / Artists: Gerard Geary

Collector, The #24


Contents include: indepth reportage on the 1971 Comic Art Convention (including Jim Warren's keynote speech, the "Comedy in the Comics" panel with Sergio Aragones & others, other panels, the Goethe Awards, Harvey Kurtzman's one-man panel, more); article on Kirk Alyn; article on Jim Steranko and Gardner Fox; article on cosplay at the con (with photos of Martin Pasko, Mike Zeck and Mike Nolan in costume); "Was Wertham Right After All?" article; The Flying Dutchman article; fiction; more.

Also contains photos of Frank Frazetta, Harvey Kurtzman, Denny O'Neil, Roy Thomas, Gil Kane, Len Wein, Neal Adams, Kirk Alyn, Gardner Fox, Phil Seuling, Jim Steranko, John Benson, Joe Sinnott, Bill Wilson, John Fantucchio, Kenneth Smith and Billy Graham.

Characters appearing include: Superman, Kirk Alyn, Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane, Perry White, Clark Kent, Ka-Zar, Golden Age Green Lantern, Captain America (centerspread), Sub-Mariner, the Thing (by Sinnott), Captain Marvel, Green Ring (Green Lantern spoof)

Offset, saddle-stitched, some interior color.

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