Writers / Artists: Stanislas Mousse

Stripburger #76


Interviews with Lucas Méthé and Stipan Tadić.

The bound-in 24-page Compendium insert contains other contributions from Domen Finžgar ("An Italian Square Appeared Right There in The Middle of London"), Jakob Klemenčič ("Black Flame. The Arson of the Slovenian National Centre in Trieste"), Ana Bogataj ("Pépée – The Wild Side of Léo Ferré"), Domen Finžgar ("Posy Simmonds: Cassandra Darke"), Ana Bogataj ("Repetition of the Same Image Over and Over Again: an Analysis of a Comics Story by L. L. de Mars"), Aljaž Vesel & Anja Delbello ("Ink & Paper, a note on design").

All comics in this issue are in English or wordless. All texts are presented in both Slovenian and English.