Writers / Artists: JEM - Jean Elizabeth Martin

Dallas Fantasy Fair July 1-3, 1988 program


This one came was available in both regular and deluxe editions.

The deluxe edition has a Nick Smith wraparound cover and includes the articles "The Faces Behind the Dallas Fantasy Fair: A Little Background on Bulldog Productions and Its Staff" and "Dallas Fandom: A Partially Personal History" by Edd Vick. Also contains photos from shows past featuring Frank Miller, Dave Stevens, Doug Wildey, Jaxon, Gilbert Shelton, Robert Crumb, Burne Hogarth, Harvey Kurtzman, Moebius, Will Eisner, Sergio Aragones, Denis Kitchen, Dave Sim, Jim Starlin, the Hernandez Bros., Roger Zelazny, Stanislaus Szukalski and many others.

8¼ x 10¾"
Regular edition: 36 pages
Deluxe edition: 32 pages