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About the Poopsheet Foundation

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Here at the Poopsheet Foundation our intention is to be a central meeting place for mini-comics publishers, artists, writers, readers and collectors. It's a community-driven site that's also got social networking features built in. Members are encouraged to post relevant news and reviews in the community blog, upload photos and videos, participate in discussions in the forums, "friend" other members, send messages to other members through the site, invite friends to join and other fun stuff.

Poopsheet, in one form or another, has been an active concern since 1993. It began life as a small publication that reviewed other small publications. The zine eventually became a website and the Poopsheet Shop sprang from that. Owner Rick Bradford has been actively involved in the mini-comics scene since 1985 and has been running the Poopsheet Shop online since 2004.

The Poopsheet Shop specializes in mini-comics, art zines, fanzines, underground comix and related curiosities from the '70s to the present. Wantlists are always welcome and we also buy mini-comic and fanzine collections.

Thanks so much for visiting the site. If you should have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

-- Rick Bradford


Poopsheet Foundation
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Bedford, TX 76095-0343 USA

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