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by Doug Michel . Updated: 1 year ago

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Monkey Squad One Issue 9 Cover (v2.0). Pencils are complete! 24 pages in 60 days! Inking has begun!
I stopped inking MS1 #9 for a minute to start writing MS1 #10. Here's a thumbnail for the 1st page. Warning! It's kind of spoilery if your sensitive to that sort of thing.
A comic I did over a decade ago. Back when I went by Doug Fatkid. It's about how bad work sucks. Which, back then, didn't seem to suck so bad.
Another old-school comic I made in 2000. This one's about bumming cigs.
A comic about my weiner from back in the day. Yes, I say "weiner." Whatever.
Monkey Squad One #6 begins at  http://www.monkeysquadone.com/! It's the fight you've been waiting for! Monkey Bot One VS MegaGranMonster in the middle of downtown St. Louis!
Monkey Squad One #10 pg 5
Monkey Squad One #10 page 12
Monkey Squad One #10 page 16
Friend or message me for a free Monkey Squad One Starter Kit!
Monkey Squad One #11 will be complete in 5 weeks! Get at me for a free copy!
Pencils for Monkey Squad One #12 have begun! Here's the penciled cover!

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