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zack! empire

zack! empire

hey, I started posting some older comics on my tumblr page! http://itszackempire.tumblr.com/

About Me

About Me

i love minis and i love zines! to me it's the greatest art form there is. just the idea that you can take what's in your mind, put it down on paper and share with the world! awesome!
my own comics are mostly about socially ackward people with little or no social skills. they fumble through life sure of the fact that by doing nothing they will somehow be rewarded. sometimes hilaurous, but always in bad taste.
Some of My Publications
Ugly People #1, which is an ongoing series with all my characters
Jerkface Comics #1, which was a sort of one-shot with my character Jerkface
Places My Work Has Appeared
i've been published in my own comics but i'm excited to see my work somewhere else.
The First Mini-Comic I Ever Read
was something by either travis nichols or pat lewis

Where to Find Me

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Recent activities

  • I just read your LONE WOLF zine. Its good slice-o-life stuff. You get better with each publication.
    profile 263 days ago
  • hey, I started posting some older comics on my tumblr page! http://itszackempire.tumblr.com/
    profile 350 days ago
  • some panels from Lonewolf.
    photos 376 days ago
  • animated drawing of big daddy bacon.
    photos 391 days ago
  • here are two pages i'm pretty happy with.
    photos 393 days ago
  • hellboy drawing done while i wait for ink to dry.
    photos 406 days ago
  • i'm still working on this Jerkface comic. i only have three pages to go, but i've mostly lost intrest in working on it.
    photos 413 days ago
  • Comment on the photo
    photos 432 days ago
  • photos 434 days ago
  • this will most likely be the cover to my next comic.
    photos 437 days ago
  • Hey Zack! I'm putting together a MS1 Pin Up Gallery for September's Annual #2! I was hoping that you'd like to be a part of it! Let me know if you're interested!
    profile 439 days ago
  • guess who's drawing a bird pimp drawing a comic book?
    profile 440 days ago
  • a little peice from a splash page i did today.
    photos 456 days ago
  • photos 460 days ago
  • he's very upset
    photos 462 days ago
  • don't bother knockin'
    photos 465 days ago
  • i'm working on a few things right now. here is a character from a comic i've got going.
    photos 468 days ago
  • i'm working on my studio space
    photos 469 days ago
  • two pages today!
    photos 501 days ago
  • hey i've got a new video on my youtube channel. you can look me up on youtube, but it might be easier to just check out my tumblr page.
    profile 504 days ago
  • i'm getting pretty good at drawing these shitty 90's style characters.
    photos 514 days ago
  • there are a few changes i want to make, like the title and opening panel, but i finished writing this Jerkface comic today! Hooray. I wanted to make a Lonewolf comic my next project, but i might be writing it while i'm drawing this.
    photos 514 days ago
  • animal hookers with weapons
    photos 518 days ago