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What’s great about how Yost has managed this series so far is that not only does he create speculative fictional accounts that explain his found letters and notes, but his stories link multiple letters together in the same narrative. That level of plausible intricacy is really part of the achievement. Yost exhibits grounded humor and accomplished character and set designs. On a technical level, he knows how to frame a...

Review: Tranz

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TRANZ, by William Cardini. This is another exploration of environment and shape by the Fort Thunder-influenced Cardini. The header of each story ("Meditate", "Melt", "Grow", etc.) guides the reader through its images. There's not much of a narrative in this comic (unlike his other comics), as Cardini instead prefers to take us through the transformation of figures and shapes from panel to panel. In one "Melt" sequence, we see a character melt away as a lethal experience. In another "Melt"...

June 12 on MidnightFiction.com

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Blammo #6!

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I hate doing this stuff.
It's so lame.


Underground Comix Legend Jim Mitchell & Fogel’s Guide Supplement at Chicagolandz June 12-13

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The Midwest premiere of Fogel’s Underground Comix Price Guide Supplement will be at the Chicagolandz Comic Book & Toy Show this weekend, June 12-13 in Grayslake, Illinois. Joining Supplement advisor and contributing writer Jimmy Decker is legendary Underground cartoonist Jim Mitchell, whose long career includes work in The Bugle, Smile, Teen-Age Horizons of Shangrila, Mom's Homemade Comics, Bizarre Sex, Pro Junior, and Hungry Chuck Biscuit's Comics & Stories.

Other comic creator...

Buenaventura Press, R.I.P.

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In January of 2010, I closed the doors at Buenaventura Press in Oakland, California. I was forced to let go of the dedicated employees who had worked so tirelessly for so little money in order to create art that we all believed in. This meant that I had to abandon all current and future projects and discontinue sales and distribution.

A little more info here.

This one hits hard.


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Losers Weepers possesses magnificent production quality, a nice sense of graphic design, an attractive package with crisp colors, sharp straight corners, perfectly centered staples, and a professional polish that many DIY mini-comics self-publishers could learn from. While the look is seriously professional, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, evidenced by the list of “Boring Stuff” in the indicia. Yost’s comics group can be found at www.birdcagebottombooks.com, his personal blog...

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