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BOGWITCH #3 Edited by Patrick Keck

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I was excited to see Patrick Keck’s (www.patrickkeck.blogspot.com) name on this book, since he was responsible for Ratnest #2, one of my favorite finds during my tenure here at Poopsheet. He and Malachi Ward were the only names I recognized going in, but I found some pleasant new surprises within this anthology, available for $8 (including shipping) from Keck’s blogger site. “No Escape Breakfast” by Chris Cilla employs a Robert Crumb quality to the work, and it’s a good early...

Big News

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Made copies of my Modern Skull Art Quarterly mini comic/zine.
The lady at the shop was very nice and helpful,although she gave me a "would you like me to call a doctor look" after she really looked at it.
Just think of all the flakey poets and artists who go in those places, and I still get the funny looks.
I got 10 signed and numbered outa 30 copies with high quality solar yellow cover and 10 or so high quality cheap white paper copies left.
I gave most of 'em away but one kind soul left me...

DIABETES FUNNIES #2 by Colin Upton

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It’s the next issue in this series of oxymoronically titled minis, and Upton bares his soul in a very brave manner. He allows the audience to voyeuristically peek in as he attempts to deal with his recent life-altering diabetes diagnosis. We literally see him progressively wasting away over the course of 8 pages, his body shrinking from depression, stress, exercise, and a severely restricted diet consisting mostly of plain vegetables, all in an effort to get his blood sugar level down...

DIABETES FUNNIES #1 by Colin Upton

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For just 50 cents, you can see the literal manifestation of the creator playing with the split personality of the “old” and “new” Colin pre and post his Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis. This issue is largely about arguing with himself over the proper public persona to put on for the world. The affliction is understandably difficult to deal with and he wants to share that in honest autobio comics fashion, but is also not in search of any sympathy, only demonstrating the...

STRANGE FRUIT #2 by Joel Christian Gill

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I liked the first issue of Strange Fruit, and the second installment is even better. The art, in particular, is noticeably more accomplished in terms of the additional level of detail, variations in line weight and technique, and there are some really interesting things happening in the gutters in between the panels. These play with the audience’s perception of events and their ability to create closure. In one bit of...

Rob Clough on NEWAVE! at TCJ

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Newave by Michael Dowers

In an era when some cartoonists are learning how to create minicomics as part of a formal art education, Newave! should be a crucial text.

Rob Clough's written a great review of Newave! The Underground Mini Comix of the 1980s over at The Comics Journal.

(By the way, copies of this book are still available in the Poopsheet Shop.)

July 17 on MidnightFiction.com

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