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Blammo #7 is done! I'm so excited about it!


One correction with Oh My! Comix #3. The Marital Blitz strip by Skip Williamson isn't brand new. It was originally published in Naked Hostility, Skip's 1992 self-published collection of sketchbook drawings.


Getting ready for V-Con!!!

Bob Vojtko

Great to be back!!
LOVE this site!!


Slowly working on my next project: Bad Habitats.
It's gonna be a low-key mini comic A6 format. ?? pages?
The first sketches are already happening.


I recently drew up a new mini-comic entitled "Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of" and it is, too. It's published by Dan Taylor's Weird Muse Empire. It's a buck ($45 in 1923 money) at www.weirdmuse.ecrater.com
It's guaranteed to put you to sleep.


Knuckleheads No.1 Mini comic all good to go! its a freebie so if you would like one just hit me up & shoot me an address.

Rick Bradford

I've got tons of mini-comics on eBay this week -- from the '70s to the '00s -- including a couple of rare Valentino collections, Volume One and Volume Two.

Here's the link to all my auctions: