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“One fifth of the blood supply of the body goes to the brain, where it carries away the poisons produced by brain activity. If the blood flow is insufficient, brain fatigue is intensified.” Abzernad is a dizzying visual journey that contends with the idea of freeing oneself from that self-sabotaging fatigue, presented in multiple abstract approaches. The intricate patterns of the art are constructed in such a way that the pages become minefields of hidden messages, a virtual “Where’s Waldo?” of words obscured within a sea of interesting hieroglyphs. Gleaning any sort of story is admittedly difficult in this nebulous conundrum of creatures and mazes and superimposed copy machine art like the analog minis and zines of old, but the end result creates a very enjoyable and tactile sensory experience, down to the sandy grit of the cover itself. Grade B.

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