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JAMMERS by Lizz Hickey


My favorite part of this Hic & Hoc Publication was the hand-lettering, which isn’t something I often respond to so strongly. The letters always seem to be in motion, changing size, bouncing from print to cursive style, degrading their lines, or mirroring the tone of the story, always in an effort to visually enhance the panels of art they accompany. I really enjoyed them. Narratively, I found the adventures of Timtam, Carol, Jeremy, and Danny sometimes hard to get a foothold on story-wise, but as a sheer act of cartooning, Jammers is irresistible. Hickey has a good ear for acerbic deadpan humor (lines about popcorn chicken or concussive farts just won’t be funny until you see them in context), and her erratic art style is fun, often playing around with dirt and smoke pushing on the panel borders, a nice balance between being irreverent without being disrespectful to the medium. If there’s any thematic connective tissue amid all the strips, I found it to be a breakdown of secrets between people. Jammers is concerned with interpersonal dynamics and revealing the true nature of our existence, evidenced by several alternate endings, secret boxes, diary entries, and secret sexual desires. Grade B+.

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