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END TIMES #1 Edited by Vin Davis


End Times is another recent publication I’ve encountered that seems to be influenced by the EC Comics of old, with a host named “Mr. E.” who introduces himself amid some trouble with basic verb-noun agreement. I also found a slightly fuzzy and grainy reproduction quality to this house anthology by creators such as Jeff Edmond, Vin Davis, Al Crandall, and Charles Anthony, but did appreciate the working TOC, which so many small press publishers seem to forget about. The opener regarding the spin on bank ATMs builds toward a denouement you can see coming for miles ahead, but still manages to be mildly entertaining and mysterious, with a twist that reminded me of the old Twilight Zone episodes, so many of which were basic morality plays. I really fell for the sort of bulbous voluptuous art which employed great use of shading and development of texture. From Georgie Jigsaw, to the one about witches and a somewhat conscripted werewolf luring unsuspecting marks into the coffee shop; from the vampire confessional to the future planet Earth low grade sci-fi parable, all of the pieces have a balanced mix of horror, sexual undercurrent, and subversion of belief systems that function well together. Grade B.

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One Response to END TIMES #1 Edited by Vin Davis

  1. Vin Davis says:

    Hey Justin,

    Thank you for posting this in depth positive review, it’s appreciated. Could you fix the link to match our website address?

    Best Regards,
    Vin Davis
    Editor, End Times