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EVERYTHING UNSEEN: PARTS 6 & 7 by Drew Beckmeyer


52 pages


Revival House Press publishes the continuing adventures of Beckmeyer’s quest through time and space, with “A Conclusion” promised in Parts 8 + 9 + 10 at some point in 2013. While there’s a few typos lurking throughout the work (things like “gaurds” or “miniscual” on the very first page), I’m completely won over by the unique aesthetic that melds Western rocket tech with Eastern architectural flair. The energy behind the un-inked pencils just reverberates off the page as Beckmeyer shoves his characters through a cosmic journey that has them reckoning with man’s sometimes limited comprehension of the intersection of time and space. He uses “The Parallel Rocket” as a convention to bust our lay idea that time is linear. The recap of Parts 1 to 5 is a tough dense read, but does fill in a lot of information if, God forbid, you came in late to all of this. While aspects of the font choices are sometimes hard to decipher, I enjoy how Beckmeyer takes jabs at the mindless distractions in our society or how we’re overmedicating ourselves. From the slightly skewed reality of the Banana Water Split With Bouillon Cube Spear, to the way that speech boxes wrap around and envelop some of the figures, it’s all about man’s underlying propensity to misunderstand his place in the cosmos. The near-microscopic detail of the single and double page spreads (like laddering down to achieve a higher level of understanding) is just magnificent. If you could somehow imagine an absolute indie reduction of Homer’s The Odyssey combined with something like Darren Aaronofksy’s The Fountain, it becomes Everything Unseen. Its nebulous nature frankly won’t be for everyone, but for more adventurous consumers, it’s an experience in a style they won’t soon forget, an act of comics-making with atypical imperfection that just might hold the hidden keys to the universe. Grade A-.

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