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RDCD FIST 1.5 by Justin Skarhus

I like these low print run affairs from 2D Cloud, at #26/150, this small 22-pager just feels like a discrete objet d’art. Inside, it offers a dizzying descent into wavy black and white lines, like an old TV scramble, toward an authoritarian environment of some possible future reality. It plays like one of those old dystopic episodes of The Twilight Zone, or if Lucas had done THX 1138 as a surreal indie mini comic experiment on the streets of San Francisco, instead of a student film at USC. RDCD Fist 1.5 employs no words, and while the panel transitions can sometimes be a touch obtuse and require further study, the visuals are striking, and the underlying message seems to be that information enables some type of ascension to a higher level of understanding. I enjoyed the moments when people are depicted as unformed blurs, blank slates who dare to step outside the lines and risk thought-crime. It’s an action which proves the power of free will always tends to be triumphant. Grade B+.

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