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LIVING IN LA LA LAND #1 by Jenny Gonzalez-Blitz


No price given.

This ‘zine style offering centers on a fringe-y art collective affectionately referred to as “social misfits” by the creator. By extension, there’s a really interesting discussion of NYC “Loft Law” and the gentrification of parts of Brooklyn. Gonzalez-Blitz opens the book by calling it a “journal comic for beggars,” and dives right into a heady brew of NYC cultural decline, knife sex, art interpretation, and society’s vapid fascination with Charlie Sheen. The ideas seem to dance around at will, but this near-OCD flirtation with multiple topics is an oddly compelling cacophony of cultural snapshots. The creator later admits that this deliberate jumble reflects real life vs. the discrete closure of a made-up narrative. That sense of honesty is them most attractive component of this endeavor. The collage-y photocopied presentation is sometimes difficult to discern, there’s crude handwriting that finishes out the edges of the paper that didn’t reproduce, and the thing is filled with typos, “enviornmental” probably being the most repeated, yet still the warmth and honesty of the effort shine through despite some technical foibles. This isn’t my favorite comic, but it’s easy to see how it’ll be someone’s. Grade B.

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