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The reproduction quality on this project is a little fuzzy and pixelized, but there’s incredibly strong art underneath that. Jetpack Shark is just what he sounds like, a shark with a jetpack that’s hard-wired into his brain, and he’s essentially hired as a hitman, out to find Zane, some type of rival skinhead drug dealer (I think?). Shark tracks him down to a mermaid whorehouse where he meets his gruesome end. The fact that I can type the words “mermaid whorehouse” is a good indication of the imaginative and quirky nature of the book. There are some over-the-top elements which are fun, like how Jetpack Shark can hold two handguns in his fins, but then there’s some that don’t quite connect logically, such as the threat to turn him into tuna(?). Ultimately he’s paid with a 6-pack of beer, and seems ok with that. Not until the back-up origin story do the Nazi connections ever make any sense. We finally get the WWII scientist explanation, which is good, because the raison d’etre is all a little confusing up until that point. Eventually, a US soldier finds him and turns him to the side of the Allies, where he begins what I assume is a lifelong quest to vanquish the very Nazis that created him. It’s a bit of a Wolverine riff, in that he’s the best there is at what he does. There are faux ads for other work. The storytelling has all the makings of a rollicking good time (if a bit non-sequitur-y), but the most accomplished aspect of this project is Young’s incredibly strong art. It’s compact with detail, consistently rendered, and has a dynamic style that’s a joy to look at. Grade B+.

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