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Would I be crossing a line and losing my critical objectivity if I admitted that I’m kinda’ crushin’ on Lauren Barnett? I’ve never met Lauren, and though we’ve traded a couple of emails, I really don’t know anything about her other than the content of the handful of mini-comics I’ve read. But it’s hard not to fall for her striking and vibrant covers which are instantly recognizable as her own intellectual property and her own unique aesthetic. There’s nothing else like those covers in the world of self-published mini-comics. The book is filled with deadpan humor and sarcasm, and graffiti tags like “Asparagus Lies” stick with you long after the book’s been put down. For the most part, the book is concerned with illustrating excerpts from Barnett’s diary at an early age. Some of her caricatures are right on, such as the shot of Clinton, Bush Sr., and Ross Perot. She has a real knack for highlighting real world frustrations, such as apartment hunting in New York City. Overall, the book flows, like all of Barnett’s work, with an enjoyable charm and is visually beautiful, and let’s not forget the cold shock of the end panel’s “haunted pussy.” So, hurry up and make some more comics Lauren, because “I miss you already. For realsies.” Grade A.

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