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VASTNESS #1 by Aidan Koch

Writer/artist Aidan Koch can be found at www.aidankoch.com and starts things off here with a brilliant cover. It’s simple, but endlessly engaging with two lone figures in the distance pulling you into the book. The book itself is a standard half page size (8.5 x 11 folded over) with no staples, just a tight bit of string that secures the package together quite well, evidence of Koch’s experience in multimedia, including fabric and textiles. Vastness is a collection of shorts that are largely contemplative and existential. It made me think that I’d love to see some work in color; it would add an additional dimension to the emotional journey the creator is capable of delivering. The pieces seem to be unified by an underlying fascination with man’s place in the world, whether it’s experiencing love’s embrace or its isolation, a universal innate sense of exploration, or man’s relationship with nature. There are interesting panel variations and seamless transitions, as seen in “Leaps And Walks,” which functions well with no words. Koch has a good eye for the expanse of landscapes, and a nod to Hemingway is always a good way to quickly win me over. Grade A-.

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